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Congratulations to the TOP 10  finalists for Product of the Year 2023!

Product of the Year is BCFB’s flagship award, where we select the winner a bit differently from the other BCFB awards. For Product of the Year, the 10 finalists will go on to the Product of the Year competition on September 13th.

Join us on October 11th at the Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver to celebrate the winners!


Raspberry Earl Grey.png
Raspberry Earl Grey
Callister Craft Soda
Edna's Mojito Cocktail July 2023 submitted with BCFBA PoY submission .jpg
Edna's Non Alcholic Cocktail Company
Glutenull COCONUT CIABATTA Keto Vegan Gluten Free.JPG
Coconut Ciabbatta
Coffee Toffee.jpg
Coffee Toffee Bar
Hazel's Ice Cream
Blueberry Maple Craft Cacao Bar
The Good Chocolatier
blender bites.png
Blender Bites 1-step Frappe Caramel Collagen
Blender Bites
naked and saucy.png
Butterless Chicken Sauce
Naked & Saucy
G.O.A.T Curry.jpg
G.O.A.T Curry
KULA Foods
oyster shell.png
No.006 Oyster Shell Gin
Copperpenny Distilling Co.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Panela Lemon


Daryle Nagata

Daryle Nagata

Corporate Chef, Premium Brands
Ryan Moreno

Ryan Moreno

CEO, Co-Founder & Principal | Joseph Richards Group
Kenny Vannucci

Kenny Vannucci

Co-Host of This Commerce Life
Karen Barnaby

Karen Barnaby

Chef | Product Development Consultant | Food Photographer
Jasmine Byrne

Jasmine Byrne

COO, Big Mountain Foods
Cassandra Anderton

Cassandra Anderton

Marketing Consultant | Publisher & Editor of

Tickets are SOLD OUT!
We look forwarrd to celebrating the winners October 11th at the Rocky Mountaineer, Vancouver

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