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Vancity invests in local food to develop and grow sustainable businesses, enhance local food security, and protect the ecological integrity of our communities.  Our investments further accelerate the real economy, support the development of a sustainable local food system, and strengthen our relationships with values aligned businesses. LEARN MORE ABOUT VANCITY >

Awarded to a company that shows leadership in sustainability and contributes to helping the environment.


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Coastal Shellfish LP

Coastal Shellfish is a First Nations owned company located in Prince Rupert, BC that raises Great Bear Scallops following the most sustainable processes and practices in the Great Bear Rainforest, one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. They use a zero-input, non-invasive vertical farming method that protects and preserves this healthy marine environment. The scallops are only harvested according to customer demand once per week to fill pre-booked orders. This limits the amount of time the boats spend on the ocean farms. As well, the scallops are sold live requiring very little processing, and packaging is minimal and made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

Conagra Brands Canada Inc.

The company is dedicated to waste diversion. The company launched a recycling program that help divert wastes to reduce impact on the local community and environment. Organics wastes, fryer filter papers, used cooking oil, papers, plastics, cardboard, wood/ metals scrapes have been separated from the garbage wastes and those materials have been reused and recycled.


Susgrainable upcycles spent grain from breweries that would otherwise end up in landfill & turn it into premium baked goods.  By rescuing this unused by-product, Susgrainable diverts this spent barley from being wasted and benefits from using it as a valuable resource. They are changing the way we see food, transforming spent grain typically disposed of by breweries into new products that are both health conscious and environmentally minded.

The struggles of recent months have exposed the fragility of our global food systems; but they have also pointed to how we can innovate to build food system resilience and sustainability. That’s why Vancity is proud to support this award and the companies that are making a tangible impact on biodiversity, the environment, and the health of our society.



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